Company Profile

AME2 developed a new and innovative product called the Lift-dock. This product reduces costs, protects the environment and is an energy saving concept. LIFT-DOC® is our brand name for the Lift-dock which has the approval-in-principle as a novel design by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and international patent pending under the PCT. This innovative, cost effective solution is invented by applying our offshore & marine industry knowledge. Our Lift-dock adopts the proven technology in the offshore & marine industry to meet the global challenges of the future. AME2 designs and handles every aspect of the lift-dock from basic engineering, construction, commissioning, delivery and site-work to technical management.

Our Core Values

AME2 personnel are guided and driven by our 3 core values:-

1) Appreciation

"being thankful, being respectful" to people - customers - suppliers - stakeholder

2) Motivation

"being innovative, being inspired" in whatever we do with passion and speed

3) Employee Empowerment

"being engaged, being enhanced" to enable us to achieve positive result

Our Team

Key Personnel of AME2

Leow Ban Tat

Director and Founder of AME2

Leow Soo Khoy

Technical Manager

Tan Cheng Lok

Chief Design Engineer

Heng Seow Boon

Commercial Manager

Khoo Huey Shin

Finance and Administration Manager